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August, 2013

I initially published my first three books, Dragon's Blood, The Prisoner, and Dragon's Tear through a Print on Demand company called AuthorHouse. You can find those listed here as the FIRST edition of my books. Eventually, once I figured out how to publish a book myself, I terminated my contract with AuthorHouse and created Bookateer Publishing. Under this new name, we re-published those same first three books with new covers and new ISBN numbers. Dragon's Blood has been edited for this 2nd edition and now has 50 more pages! The first edition books are no longer in print - once they are out of my inventory, they will no longer be available.

Do YOU Like Saving Money?

When you buy the first three, SECOND EDITION, books in the Denicalis Dragon Chronicles Series for only $40.00, you will save $5.00!

Buy ALL FOUR books (SECOND edition for first three) for ONLY $55 and save $10.00!

Buy THREE Denicalis Dragon Chronicles T-shirts and get ONE FREE! ($15.00 Value!)

Our books and t-shirts are available for large quantity sales! For special pricing, please contact us here.

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August, 2013

Into Thin Air - A Bobbie Farnsworth Mystery (young adult)!

NEW RELEASE (September 2013)!

Into Thin Air ~ $8.00

First in A Young Adult Mystery Series!

This is the first book in a new young adult mystery series and will be released by mid-September, 2013. If you purchase before it's available, I will mail it out to you as soon as I get copies!


Dead Reckoning ~ A Young Adult Mystery Thriller!

Dead Reckoning ~ $7.00

A Young Adult Mystery Thriller!

When Llyssaer is 12-years old, her parents buy her a German Shepherd puppy to keep her company. She and her canine friend, who she aptly names Jiminy Cricket since he follows her everywhere, fall instantly in love. Three years later, Jiminy is killed in a brutal home invasion at the house next door. With a broken heart, Llyssaer moves down south with her parents and soon finds herself in a new school with almost no friends...

Until one day when an unfamiliar blonde-haired girl follows her to school and eventually speaks a single sentence that will cause Llyssaer to stop her in her tracks, twist her stomach into knots and steal the breath right out of her throat....

"My name is Joy and Jiminy wants you to follow me."


The Denicalis Dragon Chronicles ~ A Young Adult (Middle Grade) Fantasy Series!


Book One - Dragon's Blood ~ $15.00 (2nd Edition)

Dragon's Blood: Denicalis Dragon Chronicles - Book One


Book Two - The Prisoner ~ $15.00 (2nd Edition)

The Prisoner: Denicalis Dragon Chronicles - Book Two


Book Three - Dragon's Tear ~ $15.00 (2nd Edition)

Dragon's Tear: Denicalis Dragon Chronicles - Book Three


Book Four - Dragon's Breath ~ $20.00 (1st Edition)

Dragon's Breath: Denicalis Dragon Chronicles - Book Four>


Already have book one and looking for the rest of the series? Through the link below you can purchase The Prisoner, Dragon's Tear, and Dragon's Breath. Save $10.00 off RETAIL price! $45.00 + shipping!!

Books Two, Three and Four in the Denicalis Dragon Chronicles


All four books in the Denicalis Dragon Chronicles Series, Save $16.52 off RETAIL price! $55.00 + shipping!!

The Denicalis Dragon Chronicles


FIRST EDITIONS of the first THREE books in the Denicalis Dragon Chronicles!



STILL AVAILABLE for a limited time! When these are gone, you won't be able to buy them brand new ANYWHERE since they are NOW out of PRINT!

First Editions

Pictured above are the First Editions of Dragon's Blood, The Prisoner and Dragon's Tear

Purchase all three FIRST Editions for only $35.00 (does NOT include shipping). Save $14.57 off RETAIL price!


If you'd like to purchase any of the First Edition books separately, they are only $13.00 EACH (does NOT include shipping)

Available Books

All books available for purchase are soft cover, measuring 6" by 9"

My Blissful Life~ A Women's Non-Fictional Memoir!

My Blissful Life As a Submariner's Wife ~ $15.00

A Women's Non-Fictional Memoir


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